About Us

About Us

The Stable Story

Fuel the good. It's not just a mission statement for us at The Stable. As the Southern Coffee Pub and Deli on Main Street in Greensboro, it's not just about fresh brewed coffee either. It is about community, a place anyone can feel welcome to work or meet with friends and family. It's about West Alabama.

Our journey began, simply, as an idea many years ago. At first it was only a love and passion for coffee paired with passion for a town that has done so much for so many. It became a four-way partnership between a group of women who all love the town of Greensboro and dream of serving the community with fresh, local product, the likes of which we all grew up sharing around our tables at home.

Serving our community will always be at the forefront of our mission at The Stable. Whether you're after a great cup of local coffee, a filling sandwich on your lunch break, or just a place to work in peace, our true product will always be how you feel when you walk through our front doors. It's about what we can give back to the town of Greensboro. We relish the opportunity to play a role in the revitalization of a town that is roaring ahead already. And with our blissful back courtyard, a street side front porch, and a spacious, yet cozy dining area, we have a little something for everyone.

So, join in our mission, as we bring our passion to a town that already has so much history, pride, and camaraderie. It's written on the canvas that hangs above the couch: "Hope. Revival. Community. Dream." It's in every cup of locally sourced coffee. It's in the smile on every resident's face when they taste one of our local offerings for the first time. It's for Greensboro. It's for everyone. We are The Stable.